Tuesday, March 22, 2005

deal breakers

deal breakers:

1) referring to himself in the third person (someone named joe saying 'joe doesnt like chick flicks')
2) gnarly teeth (excessively yellow, fangs, gold, missing - or any combination thereof)
3) plucked eyebrows (if they are thinner or have a cleaner arch then me - it's a no go)
4) using 'your' and 'you're' interchangeably (if it's an accident, sure i understand - but thinking it's one word is NOT ok)
5) needs a babysitter (you're an adult - go, talk, mingle - im not going to hand hold the entire night)
6) weak handshake (this is a personal pet peeve, if your handshake is like a dead fish in your hand - clammy, with no movement - yuck)
7) using facial hair as artwork (no need for shapes, intricate designs, sentences, mission statements)
8) being a girly man (sure, i like it when guys are sensitive sometimes, but if you cry more than i do or have more candles than me - game over)
9) forgetting my birthday (it's one day a year, and doesn't change - it's manageable)
10) and the end all be all - if it is dark, and i am alone - you are walking me to my car, end of story.

The nights are so lonely and the days pass me by

True love has faded, left me behind
So we'll just move along and stop wasting time
It's over all over now

Monday, March 07, 2005

i dont know your name

friday night- ended up getting pretty wasted from one drink (roomie pours a STIFF drink).
then ended up at urth cafe, where we were sat a table away from one of the dudes from duran duran...well not really, but he possessed all the components of being in an 80's band: he was old, had weird processed hair, was sitting alone chain smoking, and had that cu-razy look in his eyes while he shot us dirty looks. came home, and saw a note posted by on the apt door stating that there is going to be a movie filming on the neighboring streets and not to be alarmed by the sound of gunshots. (make mental note: remember to adorn ghetto garb and go for a walk, as to be an inadvertent extra in the film). got into bed and passed out - but was awoken by multiple drunken phone calls from a boy that i had (not-so-wisely) given my phone number to the weekend before, tricking me by calling from a blocked number.

saturday had dinner with the family. then went on to an outdoor shopping area near my apt. took my mom to the art gallery that jerry (the rejected bachelor from 'the bachelorette' works). he came out, and i got flustered and ran away, my mom stayed there and stared at him - her comment being 'he was much more hot on tv'. my response - 'please never use the word 'hot' again'. 50-year-olds moms should just not be saying that. then saw johnny knoxville (of jackass fame) at the farmers market. i tell you, these random la celebrity sighting almost make all the traffic worth it (keyword: almost).

fast forward to sunday: pretty much doing nothing exciting, talk to aamba and decide to go to the getty to appreciate the beautiful weather. this is the day of the LA marathon, and my apt is on route, the 16 mile mark. but it was nearly 2 pm and it should have been over for a few hours by then - apparently not. if you think la traffic is bad - you haven't seen anything. cars lined up for hours with the end result being a dead end having to wait in another line to get out. a complete mess. a lady walking by literally handed me one of those cups of water that the joggers drink when they are running. so the hours pass - and i notice a car behind me that seems to be attempting the same routes as i. finally we hit a clear stretch, and aforementioned car pulls next to me and rolls down window. i look over, and am blinded by ginormous mole on driver's cheek. i speed up, driver again pulls next to me and says "where are you going?" i am befuddled by big brown leather jacket that driver is wearing inside his car when it is 90 degrees out. i switch lanes. minutes pass, and i kick myself for passing judgment on this guy so quickly. i think to myself, "wait a min, he was good looking! why did i do that?!" i guess my initial reaction of 'what kind of weirdo does something like that' overcame. i am always complaining how i never meet new people, perhaps it is because of opportunities like this that i let pass me by. perhaps i have to start talking to people in traffic. what if this guy was "the one". and i drove away. he could have that big-ass mole lasered off. i could have burned that hideous jacket when he wasn't looking. coulda, woulda, shoulda. story of my life.

"and even though the moment passed me by

i still can't turn away
cause all the dreams you never thought you'd lose
got tossed along the way
and letters that you never meant to send
get lost or thrown away
and i won't tell 'em your name..."

...mostly because i dont know it.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

the itch

im back from my short blogless hiatus...my new passion is botany - yes, im a nerd. ive painted all these pots to begin my apt herbal garden. my roommate must think that i am such a freak - every time she comes home, there is some new random plant somewhere. oh well...she'll get over it.

im suffering from a very severe case of the traveling itch. i feel like i havent been on a real trip if forever (vegas and san diego definitely dont count)...i think that i should probably save up all of my vacation time so that i can do a big trip in december - india or greece. but i dont know if i can hold out that long - im going stir-crazy here. bombi, padh and i have been talking about going to greece for such a long time, but i havent been to india in so long, ahhh, what to do? just cant wait to go somewhere and have amazing food and get lost in another language.

"i am covered in skin

no one gets to come in
pull me out from inside
i am folded
and unfolded and unfolding
i am colorblind
coffee black and egg white
pull me out from inside
i am ready
i am fine"