Sunday, April 29, 2007

the countdown

so im graduating in 12 days. wow. i have no idea where the last 2 years went. i remember last year at this time...being more stressed out than i have ever been with my life, more projects and papers and presentations than i ever thought possible. finals around the corner, food poisoning eating away at my innards, preparing to leave for japan. madness.

its crazy to think that im going to be moving so far away in just a few short weeks. away from my family, my friends, my home. im sad and scared, but at the same time excited to be truly on my own for once. nothing to fall back on but myself.

and im overwhelmingly excited about being a homeowner for the first time. a little piece of land that is mine, all mine:

"So little time
Try to understand that I'm
Trying to make a move just to stay in the game
I try to stay awake and remember my name
But everybody's changing
And I don't feel the same..."


At 11:06 PM, Blogger Kristen said...

there's a keane song for every occasion... :p


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